Qubit Stamp

Qubit Stamp can easily be generated on the fly and used to denote Stamp Duty because of its morphing and dual characters. its flexibility ensures easy compliance of Stamp Duty payment.

QR Code
Reference Number


E-Stamp is a computer-based and secured way of denotation of stamp duty to the government. The prevailing system of physical stamp paper/franking is being replaced by e-stamping system

National Designation

Qubit stamp has a national designation (image/photograph) on its surface which differs from one stamp to another.


Unlike adhesive stamps that comes in various denominations, all Qubit stamps have a generic price tag of ₦50 that is located at the topmost left of the stamp.

Reference Number

A reference number is tied to every Qubit stamp purchased. The reference number has a trace description of where and when the stamp is purchased.

Quick Response Code

Quick Response Code (QR Code) is a machine-readable optical label attached on the stamp that contains information about the stamp.


Qubit stamps can be purchased anytime and anywhere via the web unlike adhesive paper stamps that needs to be purchased at physical locations.

Design and Shape

Qubit stamp has a rippled edge rectangular shape that defines a characteristic meme for the appearance of a postage stamp.

Why QuBit Stamps

  • Denotation

    Qubit stamp can be used to denote stamp duty in electronic transaction with a given proof/evidence of payment..
  • Compliance

    Qubit stamp’s morphing nature which provides evidence of stamp duty, encourages easy compliance of stamp duty payment in all electronic transactions and physical applications.
  • Dual Appearance

    Qubit stamp can be used both used physically and electronically for postal purposes, philately and denoting of stamp duty.
  • Effectiveness

    Qubit stamp promotes efficient, effective and modern stamp system that is in line with international best practices under the Universal Postal Union (UPU)

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