National Designation

Qubit stamp has a national designation (image/photograph) on its surface which differs from one stamp to another.


Unlike adhesive stamps that comes in various denominations, all Qubit stamps have a generic price tag of ₦50 that is located at the topmost left of the stamp.

Reference Number

A reference number is tied to every Qubit stamp purchased. The reference number has a trace description of where and when the stamp is purchased.

Quick Response Code

Quick Response Code (QR Code) is a machine-readable optical label attached on the stamp that contains information about the stamp.



An Open Platform for our Users

With its new electronic stamp, over 61 million Nigerians will be engaged,

Central Management System - The Central Management system makes it easy for NIPOST to view all stamp issued in the country near real-time.

Banking Platform - This secured section makes it easy for the electronic stamp to work with existing financial service providers.

Switching Platform - The system platform is a custom platform Implemented for the switch Industry, This will ensure that multiple payment channels and access channels can easily get access to the stamp without disruption of service.

An Open Platform for our Users

With its new electronic stamp, over 61 million Nigerians will be engaged.

This allows NIPOST to empower Nigerians via the platform and make them postal agents.

Bulk platform - The Bulk purchase allows the electronic stamp target specific Bulk Clients.

Integration Platform - The electronic stamp can Integrate with 128 Integration Points and can easily be extended via the Integration Platform.

Why QuBit Stamp

eStamp creates an impression on an electronic transaction with a given proof/evidence of payment.

Qubit stamp’s morphing nature which provides evidence of stamp impression, encourages easy compliance of stamp obligations on all electronic transactions and physical applications.

Qubit stamp can be used both used physically and electronically for postal purposes, philately and denoting of stamps.

Qubit stamp promotes an efficient, effective and modern stamp system that is in line with international best practices under the Universal Postal Union (UPU)


Below we’ve provided a bit of QuBit, eStamp and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Postage Stamp?

The Postage Stamp came with the efficiency of the postal service and ensured that Post Offices are not losing revenue by providing an evidence that the person had not only paid for the letter but had also paid the correct amount.

QuBit is first of it's kind electronic Stamp based on the original design of the founding fathers with to integrate seamlessly with any technology without any disruption of the way business is done today.

What is QuBit?

The name QuBit is a unit in quantum computing which represents the ability of the new Electronic Stamp to take multiple forms at the same time.

It supports Mobile, Web, POS, IOT, Visual technology and it has the capability to scale to 1,653,241 stamps per sec making it 10x more powerful than any Data or Transaction Switch in Nigeria.

How Can I become an Agent?

Visit any NIPOST office across the nation to make further enquiry

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